How is TruLink’s Innovative Technology Preventing Leaks in a Compressed Air System?

Compressed air systems are widely used in various industries, and leaks in these systems can cause significant problems that lead to costly maintenance and downtime.

Some of the most common issues leaks can cause are:

  1. Wasted energy: Leaks can cause the compressor to work harder to maintain the required pressure, resulting in wasted energy and increased operating costs.
  2. Reduced system efficiency: They can cause a drop in system pressure, reducing the efficiency of the system and causing tools and equipment to operate less efficiently.
  3. Increased maintenance costs: Leaks can lead to increased maintenance costs as components wear out faster, and filters become clogged more quickly due to contaminants entering the system.

TruLink combines cutting-edge materials, engineering, and manufacturing technology to create a system with a leak-free guarantee.

What’s the Secret?

TruLink’s patented design and industry-leading technology utilize a double O-ring design and deeper tubing engagements to maximize your system’s performance and reduce the possibility of leaks.

The double O-ring increases sealing capabilities, adding an extra layer of protection to prevent leaks and maintain system pressure. The double O-ring design is more resistant to wear and tear over time, as the second O-ring can help distribute the stress that would normally be concentrated on a single O-ring. This extends the life of the system and reduces the need for frequent maintenance or replacement.

TruLink’s 2x deeper engagements increase resistance by creating a tighter seal between components and allow the system to withstand higher pressures without leaking or failing. The deeper tubing engagements improve system stability by increasing support and preventing movement or vibration which can damage the system over time. By increasing the contact area between components, you distribute stress across a wider area and reduce the risk of damage.

These innovations can contribute to the performance and success of your system. Contact an Air Energy representative to learn more about TruLink.