Getting Your Compressed Air System Ready for the Summer Heat

Once summertime hits, your compressed air system will be faced with a whole new set of challenges. Properly preparing your air system will allow it to better handle the heat and humidity. We’ve compiled a list of key components to check and service before summer rolls in.

Heat Exchangers

Aftercoolers and oil coolers are your main line of defense when keeping oil temperatures at bay and removing water from your air system. If they become blocked, they can create issues in your compressor such as overheating on hot days. Make sure your coolers are clean and working properly before summer hits.

Condensate Drains

An increase in humidity will cause more condensate than usual to come out of drains. Make sure drains and drain lines are in perfect working condition and are properly sized to ensure smooth operation throughout the hot summer months. If you are using timer operated drains, be sure to increase the frequency.

Air Dryers

Whether you are using refrigerated or desiccant air dryers, it’s critical to make sure they are working properly so that when the heat moves in, they can help reduce moisture in your air lines. Refrigerated dryers have condenser coils and condenser fans that should be checked to make sure they are working properly. Desiccant dryers will need to have pre-filters and drains checked and serviced to keep water and oil out of the desiccant bed.

Oil/Water Separators

Oil/water separators create a safe way to dispose of condensate that is collected from your drains and dryers. Changing the carbon bags and filters every 6 months will help keep separators working properly.

Air Energy has the tools and technical know-how to get your compressed air system prepared for summer. Give us a call if you need assistance with your maintenance plan or if you want to discuss your upcoming compressed air or vacuum project: https://airenergy.com/contacts/